Chronology of Witkin Gallery shows  
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The Anniversary book features images by 25 artists whose work and lives had a strong personal connection with the Witkin Gallery. The series begins with George A. Tice, a friend of Lee Witkin, who helped develop his gallery concept in the sixties and  was part of the first Witkin show.

It incorporates photographs of established artists: W. Eugene Smith, Roy de Carava, Evelyn Hofer, Ruth Orkin, André Kertész, Edward Weston, Robert Doisneau, Manuel Alvarez Bravo and Jerry N. Uelsmann, featured in Lee Witkin's A Ten Year Salute (1979), with works by photographers who made their New York debut at the Witkin Gallery including Wendell MacRae, Wright Morris, Christopher James, Keith Carter, Willy Ronis, Edouard Boubat, Robert Flynt and Mario Cravo Neto, among others.