Lee D. Witkin and Evelyne Z. Daitz
Teotihuacán, México, 1979
by Colette Alvarez Urbajtel

Evelyne Z. Daitz succeeded Lee Witkin as Director of the Witkin Gallery in 1984, after eight years as his assistant. Over the next 15 years, she mounted more than 150 exhibitions at the gallery and published a book of photographs celebrating the Witkin's 25th anniversary.

Although the gallery space closed in 1999, Ms. Daitz remains the exclusive agent of Manuel Alvarez Bravo (New York), Wendell MacRae and Colette Urbajtel. Frequently, emerging artists seek her support. Most recently, she has been named Technical Advisor to the Manuel Alvarez Bravo Foundation in Mexico.

In June 2000, Ms. Daitz curated "Havana: A view from the Outside," a show of 9 American photographers at the Cuban Art Space, New York. In 2005, she was s senior advisor to Fotosphere Gallery, NYC for the publication of "TIME," a limited edition collotype book/portfolio printed by Benrido, Inc., of Kyoto, Japan. More recently, she participated in an Aperture Foundation panel discussion, marking the release of Peter Bunnell's book, Inside the Photograph.

Recognizing the historic role of the Witkin Gallery, Ms. Daitz has archived its files and correspondence over the last 25 years, building on Lee's 1984 bequest to the Center for Creative Photography, Tuscon, University of Arizona.